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Strange Enough

Strange Enough

The Strange Enough series grew out of the website Reality Is Strange Enough, a place where we posted cool but strange facts about science and the world. The site itself is on hold at the moment (we’re hoping to bring it back to life soon), but the books that the series spawned are alive and well. The tag line of Strange Enough is “the closer you look, the stranger it gets,” and the books in this series take a close look at the stranger aspects of the subject (some spiders go fishing; spiders prefer decaf coffee; sharks have terrible table manners and rarely sleep). These are lighthearted, sometimes silly, but nonetheless accurate and informative books.

Spiders Are Strange Enough

This series is available as e-books only (and priced accordingly), but you don’t have to have an e-reader to enjoy them. You can get the free Kindle app for your laptop or tablet from Amazon, or buy and download the PDF version directly to your preferred device.

Coming Soon: Scientists Are Strange Enough (someone stole Einstein’s brain; Tycho Brahe had a metal nose).