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Hi, I'm Avery and I write books for children to help them navigate the world they live in now, and create the world they want to live in in the future.

Thanks for dropping by my home on the web. I write mostly for middle graders and young adults, on topics as diverse as sharks, climate change science, the Declaration of Independence, women in politics, the Cold War, and how to cope with bullies and haters. Many of my books are designed to complement the standard curriculum for middle grades and high school. Some are designed to give kids a chance to explore topics that interest them, but aren’t covered extensively in school. And some, like the Weird But True series from National Geographic Kids Books, are just outrageous fun.

Avery Elizabeth Hurt's Newest Book, Dino Records!

Don’t miss my new book Dino Records! co-authored with Jen Agresta.

Dino Records by Avery Hurt

Dino Records – National Geographic Kids, by Avery Hurt

Do you love dinosaurs? If you want to learn which dino was biggest, smartest, deadliest, weirdest, then Dino Records is the book for you! You’ll find out all that and more. In addition to the record holders, you’ll read about feuding paleontologists, meet children who made great fossil discoveries, and learn the true story of the Velociraptors in the film Jurassic Park. You’ll learn why T. Rex had such tiny arms, why some dinosaurs got so enormous, how scientists decide what makes one animal “smarter” than another, and what some experts think the smartest dinosaurs would be like if they’d survived into our times—and plenty more.

Filled with great info, fast facts, puzzles, and even a few dino jokes, Dino Records will become your go-to dinosaur reference!

Order your copy today from Amazon, directly from National Geographic Books, or look for it in your favorite bookshop.

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