Below are a few of my favorite articles—some are recent, others are old favorites. Some of these I love because the subject matter was so close to my heart (chimpanzees, socially responsible medicine), others because the research was so fascinating (fake meat, déjà vu). 


Sixth Extinction Cover.png

Earth Is on the Cusp of the Sixth Mass Extinction. Here’s What Paleontologists Want You to Know

How the World Got Glasses cover

How the World Got Glasses: The invention of spectacles brought the world into focus, but the story of specs--from reading stones to Google Glass--is not as clear as you might expect. 

Cuneiform cover image.png

The oldest form of writing still holds some secrets for us.  Discover magazine

Antibodies explainer image.png

What Are Antibodies? The body makes this chemical ammo to fight invaders--now and later. Science News for Students

Carver cover.png

There was far more to George Washington Carver than you might know. Discover magazine. 

Talk to the Animals cover image.png

Talk to the Animals: When humans communicated with animals, we learned something important about ourselves. Double Helix

Health Beyond Medicine image.png

Health Beyond Medicine: What does it mean to practice responsible medicine in today's world?  The New Physician

Hive Mind cover narrow.png

The Hive Mind. Muse magazine

Silent Migraine cover image.png

The Menace of Silent Migraine, Patient Care

Explainer: Allergies. Sometimes the immune system goes into overdrive. Science News for Students

Turbo Cheetah: Scientists use cutting-edge technology to uncover the cheetah's big secret, National Geographic Kids

Deja vu cover.png

Been There, Done That: Déjà vu. Most of us have experienced it, but no one has yet figured out what causes it. Muse magazine. 

H. Pylori cover image.png

Meet H. Pylori, Your Body's Best Frenemy. Mental Floss

Absolute Mistress Cover Image.png

Absolute Mistress of Her Body: A century after Sanger, women's reproductive health still inflames partisan passions. The New Physician

Clouds cover.png

Why getting your kid's head in the clouds is a good thing. National Geographic Family

Meat Minus the Moo cover.png

Meat Minus the Moo: Scientists Race to Engineer Environmentally Friendly, Cruelty-Free Meat, Muse

Animal Dreams cover.png

Do non-human animals dream? That may depend on what you mean by "dream."